Timeline of Ages

The Age of The Gods
Creation of Erendar and Elune
Creation of Pelor – God of Light
Creation of Vecna – God of Shadows
Creation of Fharlanghn – God of Roads
Creation of Obad-Hai of Pelor – God of Life
Creation of Nerull of Vecna – God of Death
Creation of Boccob of Pelor- God of Magic
Creation of Flora and Fauna
Creation of Ehlonna of Fharlanghn – Goddess of Woodlands

The Age of Beasts
Evolution and erosion baby

The Age of Scale
Creation of Drakkal – First of Giants
Creation of Trakanon – First of Dragons
Beginning of Evikkrig, the forever war of Dragonkin and Giantkin
Creation of Hextor of Obad-Hai – God of War – Lawful Evil
Creation of Heroneious of Obad-Hai – God of War – Lawful Good
Creation of Kord of Obad-Hai – God of Battle – Chaotic Good
Creation of Olidamarra of Boccob – God of Mischief – Chaotic Neutral
Creation of Wee-Jas of Boccob – Goddess of Death – Lawful Neutral
Creation of Serpentkin of Ghesh
Rise of Serpent Empire of Ghesh

The Age of Quellious-
Creation of Corellon Larenthian of Ehlonna and Kord – God of Elves
Creation of Elves
Rise of Firstborn Empire on Quellious
Fall of Ghesh Empire to plague
Creation of Erythnul of Ne’Rull – God of Slaughter – Chatoic Evil
Creation of Ogrekin and Trollkin on Quellious
Creation of Grummsh of Ne’Rull – The One Eye – Chaotic Evil
Creation of Orckin and Goblinkin on Quellious
Firstborn Empire expansion is halted
Firstborn Empire falls
Corellon Larenthian descends and reigns as king
Rise of Newborn Empire
Quellious is shattered
Newborn Empire falls

The Age of Man

In the beginning there was The Voidmother.

Being very bored with the lack of existence at hand, all of creation was sprung forth. With time, space, and matter firmly in place it was to the gods to add motion. With motion the world of Erendar began to spin.

First to emerge were The Three Primes.

Pelor, The Shining One, arose with majestic fury and cast first light unto the sea.

Vecna, The Shadowed One, descended then and cast shade from the mountains.

Fharlaghn, The Dweller on the Horizon, watched his brothers and first tread between them.

It is said that this is the only time that our world has known peace. Erendar knew of neither death nor life. The rains fell and flooded no homes, the deserts grew and starved no creature. Earthquakes roared and volcanos rose from the sea and all was in balance in the world.

Millenia passed in age of The Void before the Primes, unsatisfied with the pristine landscape that lay before them, took it upon themselves not just to walk, lurk, and shine but also to create.

Pelor looked down upon Erendar and saw it needed life.

Thus Obad-Hai came to be. Bound wholly to the bounty of life itself Obad-Hai played his Shawm. Erendar’s soil clenched and groaned as the first roots began to take hold.

Vecna, seeing his brother’s creation of life, created death to spite him.

Thus Ne’Rull, The Reaper, was manifest. With his sickle he began to blacken the soil. Death would be his domain.

So was the son of Vecna, and thus the eternal battle of life and death, was born.

Pelor, seeing that life was short and death was long, whisper a sunbeam of his phosphorescent energy into a son, Boccob.

Boccob, Lord of All Magics, brought forth Mana to Erendar, giving both life and death a tool for its own devices.

With Obad-Hai, God of Life and Boccob, God of Magic so were born the sons of Pelor.

Fharlaghn, In his loneliness and in quiet envy of his brothers’ creations, forged for himself a wife.
Elhonna was of immeasurable intellect and beauty. She was also tremendously ambitous. In honor of their union, Elhonna demanded of Fharlaghn domain over The Woodlands of Erendar.

Despite The Woodlands being of Obad-Hai’s creation and obvious domain, Fharlaghn decreed on their wedding night that Elhonna was named Goddess of The Woodlands and Elhonna of The Forests.

Pelor was outraged. As was his son, God of Life, Obad-Hai.

While the other gods made it clear they could care less who got the forests of Erendar.

Fharlaghn never revoked his decree and Obad-Hai has never conceeded domain of The Woodlands.

And so Elhonna, Goddess of The Woodlands, wife of Fharlaghn, and the eternal struggle for life against itself was born.



As the first fish fought flies and the first sharks fought fish The Age of Beast began.

Life boiled and blossomed on Erendar for hundreds of millenia.

As Obad-Hai’s creatures grew and Ne’Rull’s death consumed them, clouds of raw mana filled the sky of Erendar. As the forces of Life, Death, and Mana intermingled and coalesced, beautifully strange and unique forms of creation came to be.

There were no empires in this time.

There was no language.

There are no writings.

There was only the watchers above, the beasts below, and the peaceful, orderly, balanced planet of Erendar in between.

Then came to pass an event known as The First Creation



Thus began the Age of Ancients.

Boccob, Lord of Magic, gazed upon Erendar with restlessness and frustration. He had grown weary of watching idly as the cosmos spun round him.

Approaching his brother Obad-Hai, The God of Life, he asked for a wager.

“For our father’s pride, and because i know you won’t, I propose a contest. That planet down there that’s been our little ant farm? Well I figure you and I both know it inside and out right?” Boccob asked.

Obad-Hai replied, “Yeah, what are you getting at?”

“Well, let’s say you and me, we go down there, find ourselves a nice scenic place to set up, and have ourselves a little battle royale?” Boccob asked slyly.

“Obad-Hai replaid, “You want to go down to Erendar and wrestle? We’d kill everything, Ne’Rull would be thrilled but I can’t say i’d be smiling.”

“No, you idiot, not us… christ we’d fucking flatten that thing, moron. No, we manifest ourselves two glorious fighting creations and have them go at it.” Boccob said getting more excited as each word fell out of his mouth.

“So I’ll create something, you create something, and it’s like… last life-form standing?” Obad-Hai said, both astounded that his brother would think of such a thing and that he himself really liked the idea.

“Precisely, winner goes to father. I’m sure he’ll give the creature the planet or something. Whatever, fuck it. The hell else you doing this eon?” Said Boccob.

“Alright, You’re on.” Said Obad Hai

Obad-Hai went to work with great zeal. He could allow another challenge to his mastery of the forces of life to go unopposed. He could not lose a challenge like this against Boccob. The Lord of Life confidently went forward with his plan to honor the radiance of his father.

So was born Mida Drakkal, First of The Giants.

Crafting with the sillouhette of Pelor in his mind, Obad Hai formed Giant King Mida Drakkal from warm earth deep beneath Great Mount Khaguk, the tallest in Erendar nearly reaching into the stars. T. There, upon Yeveldas icy landscape the Giant King given his spear Karuk and promised the whole of Erendar for he and his kind as a prize for defeating the creation that was to come. To prove Obad-Hai’s power and sincerity, The Lord of Life crafted for the first giantkin, a wife of tremendous beauty and power.

Boccob appeared then, grasping in his hand a large stone polished to an oval. Having pulled the stone from the heavens above, it glowed with a prismatic radiance and hummed with power. Grinning ear to ear Boccob closed his eyes and whispered a breath of pure energy over the stone and kissed it quietly. Slowly and with great reverence he placed the stone upon the snowy zenith of the great mountain.

Electrictiy popped as it melted quickly into the snow pack and began to glow. The stone began to crack and tendrils of raw concentrated mana whipped outward from it as the stone rose into the air. The beacon shone like that of Pelor’s light, too bright even for Obad-Hai to gaze at until a loud clap of thunder shook the very mountaintop.

Screeching and roaring as she rose higher still into the air

So was born Trakanon, The Great Wurm. The First of the Dragons.

Boccob and Obad-Hai removed themselves to the space above the clouds to watch their creations do battle.

Trakanon wasted no time in lining up King Drakkal and diving headfirst towards her prey. The Giant King held his ground and levered his spear towards the oncoming dragon. With only yards between them, King Drakkal dropped to his back and thrust the spear upwards in an effort to catch Trakanon’s underbelly.

Karuk struck home and tore at Trakanon’s underside.

Trakanon’s scream of pain is said to have changed the northern trade winds from eastward to westward on Erendar.

The Broodmother landed on the mountain top and turned to face her opponent. She angrily and primaly screeched out the first spoken dragon word, “Why?!?”

King Drakkal rose again to his feet with thunderous impact and crouched with his spear, Karuk, in hand.

Trakanon charged, howling forward on all fours, wings to her side.

King Drakkal charged forward as well, spear above his shoulder.

Just as they are about to collide Trakanon opens his wings and pushes backwards, letting her tail come forward and underneath to crush into the spear hand of King Drakkal.

His spear cascading into the white abyss below and with Trakanon circling for a killing strike, Mida Drakkal smashes both fists into the mountain itself. Clutching a monolithic sized slab of Mount Khaguk’s summit and tearing it from her precipice, The Giant King hurled the meteor sized stone at The Great Wurm.

And so it went for centuries. The battle upon Mount Khaguk left the mountain forever scarred. It cannot be said for sure who eventually pulled back first. What can be said for sure is that both sides determined that more numbers were needed and began to procreate.

The forever war between the Kin of Drakkal and the Spawn of Trakanon is still waged to this day.

And so war was brought to Erendar.

Millenia passed and the deadlock would not abate. The brothers, Boccob and Obad-Hai grew weary of waiting and appealed to their father to judge a winner.

Pelor was furious.

“Niether of your creations are of true greatness! Creatures only of war and conflict!. You know nothing of balance! Your beasts wreak havoc upon Erendar with their brutality. You will know the pain I know. Your progeny shall be bred of conflict and in conflict they shall breed.” Pelor cursed his sons and lineages.

Thus Obad-Hai, God of Life, was burdened with The Three Sons Of Strife. Two murderously opposed twins, Heironeous and Hextor, and a third son, a side switcher if there ever was one, Kord.

Heironeous, The Invincible, lawful and good, was given to the longsword and valor in war.

Hextor, The Herald of Hell, chaotic and evil, was given to the flail and savagery in war.

Kord, The Brawler, rebellious and talented was given to the greatsword and war in peace.

The twins were locked in combat from their first breath and will be until the end of time.

The third brother, Kord, knew nothing of his sibling’s zeal for idealogy. Kord simply enjoyed the thrill of it all.

The curse of chaos had grown to include the heavens and rage with cosmic thunder they have ever since.

Thus the sons of Obad-Hai, were born and so ushered strife into the heavens.

Boccob was not saved his father’s wrath. As severely as he had punished Obad-Hai, Pelor would too punish Boccob.

Pelor had seen Boccob’s joy in the chaos that ensued from the wager. Pelor knew that Boccob brought endless war and suffering to Erendar just because things were too predictable.

While Obad-Hai’s Giant’s were magnificent in their own right, Boccob prided himself on the originality of his creation and elegance with which his Dragons dominated the whole of Erendar. With great vanity, Boccob adored his Dragons and could not understand how any mind thought otherwise. They were perfect machines.

Pelor, though impressed as he was with the Dragons of Boccob, saw fit to punish his son in an appropriate manner.

Thus was mischief incarnate, Olidammara, born as a child to The Lord of All Magics.

Olidammara, The Laughing Rogue, appeared for only an instant as his true self before popping between all the planes of existence and choosing a form he wished to take.

Appearing, an instant again later, as a shifting amalgamation of reptillian forms he addressed his father.

“I’m bored. Let’s make some fun!” The Trickster said before vanishing again.

Thus was born Olidammara, The Trickster, son of Boccob.

Boccob was to manifest another without his wishes, this time a daughter.

Wee Jas, The Ruby Goddess, was cursed to suffer endlessly for her father’s transgressions.

As conflict and chaos had come upon the heavens and Erendar, blurring the lines of life and death it would be to Boccob’s only daughter to stand guardian upon that border. All souls who perish on Erendar pass through Wee Jas’ domain, or are forever cursed to roam the material plane.

Boccob looks upon his daughters suffering, unable or unwilling to assist her eternal damnation.

Thus was born Wee Jas, Death’s Guardian, daughter of Boccob.

Olidammara, The Laughing Rogue, came after a time to his ‘created for torture’ sister and gave to her the secrets of creation. Without saying a word, he disappeared again leaving Wee Jas to her decision.

She settled to take the gamble, she could create something wonderful, great enough to please even Pelor, so great that she could be set free of her father’s sentence and allowed to exist beyond the border of death’s realm.

Wee Jas left her ledger and snuck away to Ghesh. Kneeling in the open plains she unleashed her new power. For five hundred miles in every direction, whatever was, was no longer. Wee Jas herself lie shocked and unconscious at the bottom of a newly formed crevasse miles below the surface of Erendar.

A lions roar echoed throughout the cosmos as Pelor boomed in anger.

“More war. More conflict. Child of Boccob! You meddle in powers you cannot control! These creatures of yours will scourge this world! Yours is the final mistake. No more will the family of Pelor create. Barren and stripped are you!” Pelor decreed with rage.

Wee Jas, her brother, her three cousins, and two uncles were forever forbid to create another creature on Erendar, including offspring of her own.

Despite her and her family’s damnation, the effects of Wee Jas’ ritual marked the continent of Ghesh forever. The landmass itself was left cracked and broken, with scars miles deep and hundreds of miles long marking the terrain.

And so the serpentkin of Ghesh were born to Erendar.

Wee Jas had infused the power of creation into the land and her confused and ill focused will was manifest as reptiles of every order. Troglodytes, Yuan-Ti, Lizardfolk, and Kobolds all fought savagely for eons on Ghesh before The Sathir Empire arose from the ashes. Most of their history is unknown but their power and reach appears to have been extremely vast.at one time before collapsing entirely.

Eholonna, wife of Fharlaghn, Godess of The Woodlands, had seen progeny of Pelor falter and fail and sense that it is her moment to make a move on Obad-Hai’s domain.

Knowing that the family of Pelor was forbidden to create further on Erendar, clever Eholonna schemed to deposit her own creation crafted in her own sylvan image. She knew that any claim to the woodlands was only as good as the claim of the allegience of the woodlands.

Ehlonna was as cunning as she was ambitious. In order to compete on the harsh and increasingly competitive world of Erendar, her creation needed the ability to dominate. They would need the cunning and grace of Ehlonna but also the independence and ferocity of a warrior.

In a moment of her reflections, she came upon the perfect plan. She called out for Olidammara and enlisted The Trickster’s help in fooling Kord, son of her rival Obad-Hai, away from his endless battles in order to seduce him.

The plan worked and so was birthed Corellon Larenthian. With the intelligence and discipline of Ehlonna and Kord’s battle-ready mind, The Protector as he is called, was hidden from sight upon the Erendar’s moon Elune and raised solely by Ehlonna.

Upon maturation, Corellon Larenthian did as he was instructed and created the Firstborn Elves on Quellious.

And so, Corellon Larenthian, The Protector, son of Elhonna The Godess of The Woodlands is born.

An eclipse fell as Pelor wept in defeat. The Primes met to discuss what to do. Creation had escalated out of control. They did not know what the Voidmother would have them do. They continue to discuss to this day.

The birth of Corellon Larenthian, Creator of the Firstborn Elves marks the beginning of The Age of Quellious.


So began the Age of Quellious

The Firstborn Elves were immortal to the punishment of time and glorious in every way. Corellon was hailed throughout the heavens as having crafted the only creation on Erendar that could rival Boccob’s Dragonkin in grace and beauty.

The Firstborn made their home in the dense arboreal forest of eastern Quellious and quickly built a legendary empire.stretching from the eastern grip of Quellious all the way to The Thamian Sea.

As The Firstborn began to stretch across the oceans, exploring and settling myriad islands and even reaching so far as Zanebia, their previously unimpeded growth came to a halt.
The oceans of Erendar had risen up to swallow every Elven ship to attempt leaving sight of the coastline. Even the great wizards of Larethar could not navigate a ship over the horizon and to safe harbor. Monstrosities from the depths were reported by coastal fisherman and all transport to the elven colonies ceased.

The Firstborn, wise in their ways, presumed that the oceans and lands beyond were not meant for them and began to push westward. Intent on taming the whole of Quellious they devoted massive efforts to the expansion westward.

Such grace and beauty is not meant for Erendar for long. The balance must be maintained.

Ne’Rull, The Reaper, only son to the Prime Evil Vecna had grown disgusted by the Elves and in his unholy repulsion, did wretch forth two sons from the darkness.

Erythnul, The God of Slaughter, rose first from the bile with his unholy bludgeon already aching for brutality. Known to all in Erendar as “The Many”, Erythnul’s ceaseless purpose is the viscous extinguishing of all life.

After Erythnul rose and took his place at his father’s side the puddle of bile from whence the abomination came began to bubble and churn. Steaming, it congealed into a solid disk and rose into the air. Opening for the first and only time, as it will never close, The One-Eye rose and so wretchedly was brought into this existence Gruumsh.

Ne’Rull commanded and his sons did their bidding. Erythnul cursed Western Quellious with an army of Ogres and Trolls. His brother Gruumsh rose Orcs and Goblins from the mud throughout the elven forests in Eastern Quellious.

Beset by an army to their west and an infection of enemies within their lands, The Firstborn had to learn to retreat.

It had taken 9 thousand years for The Firstborn to create an their proud empire. Only a thousand years after the first orcs were sighted in the Eastern Forests the Empire had all but fallen.

Larenthar lay under it’s fifth year of siege With no hope of repelling the monstrosities just outside the city walls the Firstborn elders prepared themselves for their imminent death. High Queen Tyria stood with her close family and advisors in courageous terror.

It was then that The Preserver of Life assumed his title as such. Appearing without a sound in the archway of the throne room stood Corellon Larethian, in the flesh.

He spoke calmly to the group gathered astonished before him and said, “You are the Firstborn, I am your creator, today I am your brother.”
With that, Corellon Larethian, The Protector, marched towards the palisades fearlessly. Arrows rained down upon him but burned in an instant when they touched his brilliant armor.

He stood upon the palisades and the brilliance of his armor turned to white hot luminescence. The horde of ogres, goblins, trolls, and orcs before him stood quiet. The horrible seige beasts and hellish corruptions of nature enlisted in their savage campaign also stood still, nearly unable to breath.

As the thunderous sound of battle snapped to a deathly quiet, Corellon Larethian, Ruler of All Elves, inhaled. Rising up into the air glowing as brightly as Pelor Corellon spoke.

“Be gone.”

There was no motion.
There were no screams.
No sound, even of a dropped sword.

The sea of horrors ceased to be.

Addressing the remaining population of Firstborn, Corellon spoke to a kneeling, sobbing crowd.

“I am on Erendar now, and here I will forever be. Our people will rebuild and thrive. We will not be assailed east of the Quellian Sea for the rest of all time. Our children will not live as timelessly as we. We must forever be cautious to keep to our bounds. This is the price we have paid.”

The High Queen asked, “m-m-my lord…. with you among us… who will we pray to.”

“Our woodland mother, of course. Ehlonna of the Forests.” He responded.

Thus The Descent of Corellon is told.

The massed forces of chaos and evil did not return to the forests of Eastern Quellious.

Ehlonna now resided in the heavens without her son, retreating to the solitude of Elune.

Taking note of The Woodland Goddess’ grief and the valor and sacrifice made by her son, Heroneous went to Ehlonna to comfort her.

There they coupled in secret and gave creation to St. Cuthbert. Given the domain of retribution and justice, St Cuthbert’s purpose is to guard against the chaos of the cosmos and unlawfulness of Erendar.

Little is known outside the ranks of The Cudgel of St. Cuthbert regarding his nature or legends. What is known is that under advisement and with the graces of his mother, Elhonna, St. Cuthbert made manifest two avatars of his justice to bring order to the cosmos in the face of growing chaos.

Moradin, the All-Father of the Dwarves and Yondalla the Nurturing Matriarch of the halflings were both born of St. Cuthbert’s divinity and set forth to create in their image upon Erendar.

To the dwarves, Moradin granted immense strength and stonecunning. Given the rocky mountains of Thamior and a mandate to “Build for eternity, honor for eternity.”, High King Roga began to carve The Great Mora into the stone as the dwarven super city was founded.

Yondalla set her brood down upon the foothills of Northern Zanebia. Having great honor and solemn respect for her progenitor, Obad-Hai, she beset upon the halflings to tend to the earth and to each other. This the halflings did, with great humility and skill they tended to the earth and to each other.

Thus the Dwarfkin made their mark upon Erendar.

Corellon Larethian reigned as Ruler of All Elves in Larethar for nearly 1200 years before what has become known as The Shattering of Quellious.

The Firstborn had regained a significant portion of their former glory. Retaking the vast majroity of their lands and repopulating to the best of their ability in just a dozen centuries, The Sylvan Godswood had been helmed by the wisdom of their god-king Corellon Larethian.

In the hundred years prior, however, unrest began to grow within the kingdom. Factions of elves on the coastlines and the western foothills began to demand permission to go beyond the border established by Corellon over a millenia prior.

“Our king is to be a god. Should we not harvest the western grasses or fish beyond the horizon?”

These faction members were all Newborn and did not know from experience what the truth was. They doubted the elders wisdom and began to threaten to do go rogue and do as they pleased.

When a group of militant Newborn’s assembles a small fleet and informs the elders of Larethar that they intend to sail for Yevelda, Corellon Larethian gathered his cavalry and marched towards Dunwich Harbor.

Arriving with his elite guard, Corellon is horrified to see in the distance several shapes dancing among the waves inching closer to the horizon. Corellon, wide eyed with fear, burst forth with diving light. His brilliance shone with the power only a god in terror can muster as it cascaded over the ocean before him.

His elite guard did not have a chance to grimace as they were turned to mist by his brilliance.

Corellon inhaled.

The explosion tore the continent of Quellious asunder.

It’s not known if the global catastrophe was caused by whatever killed Corellon or by the power of a living god’s death scream.

The tidal wave created by the catastrophe wiped nearly every settlement within a hundred miles of most shorelines.

The ash cloud blotted out the light of Pelor for a year as Erendar wept.

Untold lives of countless creatures are lost world-wide.

All the Firstborn are largely thought to have been wiped out by the blast.

A groan is heard echoing across the planet for weeks, as if Erendar herself is in pitiful fear of her obliteration.

The Eastern most portion of Quellious became what is now known as Kava.

Roughly one out of every hundred of the surviving elven population, from that day forward, began to have their skin color change to a dark blue. With the wisdom of their elders entirely lost, their continent torn to shreds, their civilization obliterated, and their god-king gone the Newborn survivors reasoned that there people had been cursed.

Thus were birthed The Drow

They reasoned that this sudden change in some of their brethren’s appearance and indeed physiology was a sympton of this curse.

Thus the forced exodus of of The Drow

A mass collective campaign was put forth by the newly formed Republic of Elven States to exile The Drow. They were marched en masse to the eastern sea, where they were boarded on massive ships and forced to sail east into the shattered Tears of Correlon.

Promised the sovereignty of whatever they found that remained of eastern quellious they found only desolation and death on the island. The few that survived the journey through the tears found themselves on the fiery coast of Xar.

Their ships shattered and numbers diminished, the survivors had no choice but to press east into the molten heart of the vulcan continent. Passing north of The Belt of Flame they came finally to the dark and primal forests of eastern Xar. They they began to settle and tame the land.

Thus Quellious was shattered in a mystery of the gods and Erendar was plunged into a long darkness.



Thus began the Age of Men

Emerging from the dark cold winter of catastrophe the creations of Erendar began to rebuild what had been lost.

Erendar seemed quiet, even the Dragon Elders refer to those centuries as “The Long Stillness”

Some, such as the Dwarves and Giants did not suffer so greatly and so continued on their work safe within their mountain fortresses.

Others, such as the Minotaur of Perahutae or the Dinnians of Kua’Nok were entirely lost.

As the rebuilding of homes and then kingdoms went forward the gods seemed grew quiet in their politics and their agendas.

Thousands of years passed and the world was quiet. Erendar silently crept forward,

Timeline of Ages

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